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LoRaWAN® Network
Centimeter geolocation
Hybrid power supply
Synchronized meshing
Battery life 15 years

The RTK Series high-performance, fully autonomous IoT sensors incorporate a precision inclinometer, a proprietary high-sensitivity shock sensor and RTK GPS in a compact, waterproof case.
The RTK GPS function meets the following needs:

  • Positioning of infrastructures with centimeter precision (Bridges, cranes, pylons, Wind turbines, etc.)
  • Vectors localization (Truck, boats, construction machinery, agricultural machinery …)
  • Movement alert

The inclinometer and shock detector functions meet the needs of:

  • Deformation of infrastructure.
  • Structural analysis (Aging of structures).
  • Shock detection (collisions, lightning, intrusions …).


  • Centimeter positioning.
  • Most sensitive sensors on the market.
  • The case is extremely solid and compact. Waterproof to IP67 level.
  • The magnetic base, allows an easy and fast deployment.
  • “Place & Forget” type, the module is fully autonomous over a period from 12 to 15 years.
  • 1/100 timestamp
  • Two-way communication; remote measurement reception and setting.
  • Identification with smartphone via NFC.
  • Deployable by WILLING AIR drone.
  • Safety: Entirely designed and Made in France.
Technical Characteristic
DimensionsDiameter 50mm Height 25mm
EnergyHybrid: Lithium battery + light energy recovery
Autonomy15 years
Operating range-25 ° C to + 65 ° C
EnvironmentWaterproof to IP67 level
CommunicationLoRaWAN® network
SensorsInclinometer, Accelerometer, Shock and Temperature
X-Y angular accuracy±0.05°
X-Y / Z spectrum1 to 1600Hz / 1 to 4kHz
X-Y / Z resolution0,125mG / 1mG
CompressionLogarithmic / Frequency